Divorce – Joint Petition

1. To file for divorce in Nevada, requires residency of the filing party.

2. Divorces can be obtained by way of a Complaint for Divorce or Joint Petition. A Complaint for Divorce is used when the parties do not agree on any issue. A Joint Petition is used when the parties agree on all issues. Signatures of both parties are required when filing a Joint Petition. Only one (1) signature is required when filing a Complaint for Divorce.

3. If you plan to file a Complaint for Divorce, you will be named the Plaintiff, and the other party will be named the Defendant. Abella can make the necessary arrangements for service upon the Defendant.

4. If you cannot find the Defendant to serve the Complaint for Divorce, then you may be required to serve the Defendant via publication.

5. If children are part of the divorce action, each of the parties will be required to attend a Mandatory Seminar for Separating Parents.

$299 $199 ($100 OFF)

+ Std. Court Filing Fees/Cost


Separate Maintenance

To file for separate maintenance, the residency requirements are the same as a divorce action. This action may be filed as a contested matter, or as an uncontested matter.

Separate Maintenance Drafting Service is $499 (2 signatures), or $399 (1 signature).

Answer or Answer and Counterclaim

An Answer is the Defendant’s written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint.

Answer Drafting Service Fee is $95.00 or Answer and Counterclaim Drafting Service Fee is $195.00


Must have been married in the state of Nevada.

Please refer to the Nevada Revised Statutes regarding grounds for annulment.

No divorce, separation or annulment is final until the Decree is signed by a Judge and filed with the Court.

Child Support

Please refer to the Nevada Revised Statutes regarding child support information and amount of payment.